Innovations at Work

Superhard’s proprietary precision technology and nanoscience are designed to disrupt the destructive or limiting ways of traditional practices.
Born inside the proprietary plasma reactors in our S.T.A.R. (Science, Technology and Advanced Research) Labs, our nuovo diamonds are impacting and transforming entire industries and super-sectors. From rough blocks, machine tools and high performance machining to scientific and industrial applications across a range of optical, thermal and mechanical stability to enhanced, efficient hydro-technology with supercharged, active water to electronic applications and quantum computing involving ultra-high levels of data and computing power. And that’s not all. From the quietly humming hearts of our plasma reactors to the rapidly beating hearts of millions of people across the world, diamond jewellery shaped from our nuovo diamonds are adorning expressions of all kinds. In any colour and any shape.

Rough Block

Precision and patience. The twin values that create our perfect, Type IIA rough nuovo diamond blocks. To equip a multitude of industries and applications.

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Nuovo DiamondWafers

Proprietary knowhow and precision science guide our wide and deep portfolio of nuovo diamond wafers. Meeting the nanospecs requirements of science and industry.

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Cutting Tools

Science crafted and nano science perfected. To equip industrial tooling and ultra-high precision machining on non-ferrous materials. Nothing is left to chance when it comes to tooling up. No matter the industry.

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Hydro Tech

Proprietary research and scientific applications of nuovo diamond technology is creating supercharged active water to disrupt potable as well as extra-potable water industries. 

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Nuovo Diamond Jewellery

Beautiful, with a conscience. Diamond jewellery shaped from our nuovo diamonds. A re-imagined, responsible and just as ravishing facet of beauty and marking milestones. Type IIA grade, 100% perfect, 100% of the time. In any colour, shape and carat.

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